9 ways to streamline your HR processes with contract management software

Is your HR department under huge pressure to find, process and employ a constant stream of new employees? All while your legal department is stuck on a hamster wheel of repetitive legal tasks? 

Imagine if you could merge HR workflow processes with the drafting and management of your employment contracts, disciplinary notices, workplace policies and audit reports. Imagine having a hiring process that’s seamless, automated and legally compliant.

Well, dream no more. With MatterMap you can achieve this – and bring your HR Department up to date with the new world of intelligent technology. One custom-made questionnaire will unleash a whole host of time, cost and effort saving actions. Let’s look at 9 ways in which it can change your life.

1. Easy online application process: As we mentioned, it all starts with a very clever, custom-built questionnaire which aspirant employees can complete online. They can also upload all their supporting documentation (such as their CV, identity documents, qualifications, etc.) to a dedicated MatterMap portal. From the get-go, your company looks professional and the process is slick.

2. Getting to the right hires, faster: As soon as someone applies, MatterMap applies automated elimination and streaming criteria to rank their suitability for the position.  The right person in your business is automatically notified, so that they can select from the compiled shortlist.

3. “We’ll keep you on file”. Any unsuccessful candidates are automatically sent tailored rejection letters (emails) and details can be kept on file for future vacancies.

4. Time, sweet time: With MatterMap, you can reduce time spent on correspondence and the drafting of offers of employment and agreements by up to 90%. That’s time that can be spent on HR strategies, training or employee engagement. Once you decide to make an offer of employment to the most promising candidate(s), an offer letter is automatically sent off – without having to recapture any of the information the applicant has already submitted in their original application.

5. Less errors, more speed: Since information has been captured already, there is no need to copy, retype or reinsert information and risk making an embarrassing error. With no need for paper, the agreement can be approved internally and sent out to the successful candidate for electronic signature, using Updraft’s internally developed e-signature technology.

6. Careful, built-in vetting: If your organisation has specific vetting requirements – e.g. if you are a financial services provider – MatterMap can build in specific blockers, escalations and alerts to help you ensure that every step of the process complied strictly with the vetting, audit and qualification directives applicable to your sector.

7. Empowering HR departments: Once a contract has been signed, any subsequent correspondence and amendments can also easily be managed through MattterMap, allowing your HR team to focus on improving your business, rather than form filling and drafting agreements and related correspondence.

8. Control the full employment lifecycle: MatterMap guides you through the entire process from hiring and disciplining to promoting and dismissing an employee.

9. Always have the big picture: Live contract and process data means you can drive accurate forecasting, reporting, and business intelligence, with powerful analytical insights at your fingertips. You will enjoy central reporting on all applicants and the ability to manage all of their information securely in compliance with the GDPR / Protection of Personal Information Act.

If you want to find out more about a custom-built HR process workflow for your business, get in touch with us today for a free demo.