Pioneer Foods

Pioneer Food Group Limited


Food and beverage manufacturing, processing and distribution


With geographically dispersed operations and a broad base of products in multiple industry sectors, Pioneer Foods needed a flexible solution that could be easily configured to cater for difference where it was needed, but still maintain a golden thread of compliance, oversight and efficiency across the entire business.


  • The Updraft deployment covered almost every element of the business, on both the buy and sell sides.
  • The solution automatically drafts and manages the lifecycle of all of the company’s key operational agreements, including acquisition, marketing, intellectual property, distribution, human resources, procurement, leases, manufacturing, supply and logistics.
  • Regular updates and amendments to the underlying company precedents are also managed through the system.
  • Additional solutions offered to Pioneer Foods include customised compliance solutions that are tailored to deal with food safety, environmental and occupational health and safety risks.


You don’t know how we are loving the system. If only it could do our work for us while we are sipping cocktails at a beach café!

Jay-Ann Jacobs
Group Legal & Company Secretary, Pioneer Food Group Limited